Stephanie and her three children – Danielle, Sasha, and Jordan – currently live in a three-bedroom apartment in Lemon Grove. The landlord does not respond to maintenance requests and the family has to find solutions to their maintenance concerns. The apartment is poorly insulated and is extremely cold in the winter. The landlord will not allow SDGE to provide free insulation and weatherization. In addition, the neighbors on either side of her play music late into the night and are unresponsive to requests to lower their music.

Stephanie and her children have longed for a stable home to live. Stephanie would like to provide her children with a place to call home. She has been an extremely responsible parent and is doing her best to provide for her family. She is unable to qualify for a VA loan for a home in San Diego, so purchasing a home through Habitat is truly her only option. She has really enjoyed working on the build site and is quickly completing her hours.