Your donated vehicle supports families in our community.

Your vehicle donation is yet one more way that you can support Habitat for Humanity’s work in San Diego. It’s quick and easy to donate, and it may count as a tax deduction.

Every donation makes a difference, and the families that partner with us are extremely grateful for your generosity.

Funds stay local.

All net proceeds from the sale of your donated vehicle support San Diego Habitat for Humanity and help families right here in our community.

It may be tax-deductible.

Contributions, including vehicle donations, may be claimed as deductions on your federal tax return. Learn more about how it works.

It’s simple and convenient.

We’ll pick it up, even if it doesn’t run. Towing is free! And, we’ll arrange a time to pick up your car that works with your schedule.

We accept most vehicles, including:

  • cars
  • trucks
  • vans

  • motorcycles
  • recreational vehicles
  • boats

  • airplanes

  • snowmobiles
  • farm and construction equipment

What vehicle donors are saying:

“I could not believe I could donate my junk car and help Habitat for Humanity. It had been in an accident, but you still towed away my car quickly and easily!”

Connor, Cars for Homes Donor

“The process is easy and simple, and I even qualified for a tax deduction!”

Eric, Cars for Homes Donor

“Once the online form was submitted to donate my automobile to Habitat, I just followed the simple instructions they provided. Within days, the automobile was picked up.”

Kai, Cars for Homes Donor

Donate your car in three easy steps.

Your generosity builds homes.

San Diego Habitat’s Cars for Homes program success to date:


When you donate to Habitat for Humanity’s Cars for Homes program, you help people in our community build stable homes and stronger futures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more help?

Please email us at or call (877) 277-4344.

We accept almost all vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, boats, snowmobiles, airplanes, farm equipment, and construction equipment. If you want to donate your car or truck, please go to our donation wizard to get started. If you want to donate any other type of vehicle, please call us at (877) 277-4344.

The State of California will require a Certificate of Title in order to donate your car. If you cannot locate or have lost the Certificate of Title, our processing center can help you obtain the proper documentation.

Our partners at Advanced Remarketing Services, who process all Habitat vehicle donations, return a higher percentage than any other vehicle processing entity. On average, about 80% of the gross revenue generated from vehicle sales comes to Habitat for Humanity.

About half of our cars are sold to licensed dealers at wholesale auctions and are reused for transportation. The other half are transported to auto salvage yards where all reusable car parts, batteries, tires, and fluids are removed. Vehicles that can be recycled are crushed, shredded and turned into usable steel.

Recycling cars keeps a huge amount of steel out of landfills — enough to build nearly 45,000 steel-framed homes every year.

Habitat receives funds for each donated vehicle, although a car sold at auction generally generates more revenue than one that is recycled. Every donation makes a difference and the families that partner with us are extremely grateful for your donation.

Your vehicle will be sold on behalf of Habitat through a national network of auctions and direct buyers. After the vehicle has sold, you will receive an acknowledgement letter providing your vehicle sale information that you can use for tax purposes.

If your vehicle sells for more than $500, Form 1098-C is required in order to deduct the gross sale price — our partner, Advanced Remarketing Services, will notify you via email and request your social security number. You are not required to provide your social security number, but your tax deduction will be limited to $500. For more information about how tax deductions for vehicle contributions, please click here.

All auctions and direct buyers used by Habitat are licensed, insured, and bonded in the states where they operate. By signing the title of your vehicle directly over to Advanced Remarketing Services, you are legally transferring ownership of it to Habitat for Humanity.

When your title is received and your vehicle is picked up, you are no longer responsible for the vehicle.

Don’t dump it, donate it!

Your donations build houses.

San Diego Habitat for Humanity ReStores are home improvement retail and donation centers with a simple premise: by selling new and gently used donated items, we can fund the construction and preservation of homes throughout San Diego County.

We accept new and lightly-loved appliances, building materials, furniture, and more!