It has been challenging for Casey and Carly to make ends meet with their young family in Escondido. Despite having a great job he loves as a Productions Manager/Technical Director at Buffini & Company, the high cost of living made the couple’s homeownership dreams seem out of reach. Casey and Carly’s three children, Ryder (9), Maxine (6) and Fletcher (3) bring them immense joy. Carly describes their family as high energy, fun, loving, and passionate. They strive to have open hearts so they can be a family who helps others as they can, having positive impact on their community.

Ryder has recently discovered a passion for reading and has been flying through the Harry Potter books. He loves to research different topics, build presentations on keynote, and give speeches. When Casey and Carly got married 7 years ago, Casey’s first order of business was to legally adopt Ryder, which he was able to do on June 1, 2018, a date that the family celebrates with great joy every year to remember how blessed they are to have each other.

Maxine loves to draw and paint. You can always find her with a notepad and pencils sketching things that inspire her throughout the day. She just started kindergarten where the teacher has emphasized how empathetic and helpful she is toward her fellow classmates.

Fletcher will be starting preschool soon and enjoys music, art, and reading books with his brother and sister. He lives with autism, and the family has been fortunate to b e able to access resources and therapies that will allow him to transition into a special education school.

The family lives near their grandparents and Casey’s brother who has children the same age as theirs, so they enjoy spending family and cousin time together playing baseball, riding bikes, having game or movie nights, and going to the park. Owning a home in Escondido will allow Casey and Carly to remain near their extended family, gain stability, and help them truly put down roots in Escondido and thrive.

They are grateful for the opportunity to purchase a home through San Diego Habitat for Humanity.