Adam and Cristina have long felt that they are constantly falling behind, living paycheck to paycheck. They both have good jobs that they love — Adam as a repair agent at Spectrum, and Cristina as a lead childcare assistant with Poway Unified School District — but wages just don’t keep up with the high cost of living in San Diego. The couple has lived with both of their mothers in an effort to save money, but after their daughter, Morgan (3), was born they knew they needed their own space for her to thrive and grow.

Adam has always worked hard to accomplish the goals he sets for himself. One of the most formative experiences in his life was becoming an Eagle Scout, a rare feat that only 2% of eligible Scouts ever achieve.

Cristina always admired her parents for working hard and providing for her and her sisters — watching them navigate through the tough times set an example for the kind of parent she wanted to be to Morgan and the little one on the way!

The couple agree that Morgan is their greatest accomplishment. They love spending time together as a family and watching their daughter as she explores the world. Her parents describe her as a “busy body” who is always trying to figure out how things work and why. They want her to have a stable place to grow up where she can nurture her curiosity.

Cristina’s uncle previously purchased a home through the Habitat for Humanity program and suggested they apply. Cristina and Adam say that they are looking forward to the pride that will come with being able to provide stability for their family, and to the opportunity for financial security. Owning their own home never felt like an attainable reality, and they are grateful for the hand up Habitat is providing their family.