Please note: Due to overwhelming interest, we have temporarily paused the acceptance of applications for our Home Preservation and VetRepair programs. Thank you for your understanding — we hope to be able to serve you soon! Find other resources ➜

San Diego County is home to more than 240,000 veterans.

That’s one of the highest concentrations in the country. San Diego Habitat is proud to be a part of Habitat for Humanity’s national Veterans Build initiative, providing housing solutions and volunteer and employment opportunities to U.S. veterans, military service members, and their families.

Veterans Build areas of focus:

  • Housing solutions
    offering general repair services through our VetRepair Program

  • Volunteer engagement
    bringing together veterans, military families, and neighbors in meaningful service

  • Education
    increasing access to financial literacy programs and training Habitat employees to understand military culture

  • Honor
    hosting special events that raise awareness of veteran housing needs and honoring their service

Why is this work so critical?

Expensive housing costs

Nearly 4 million veterans pay at least 30 percent of their income on rent or mortgage, while more than 1.5 million pay at least 50 percent.

Aging veteran population

2.5 million veteran households are at least 55 years of age, and older veterans are more likely than civilians to have a disability which may require home modifications to allow for safe, healthy aging in place.

Slow-growing economy

Veterans who served following 9/11 have returned to a slow-growing economy and rising housing costs, making the transition from military service to civilian life difficult.

Gender inequities

Female veterans are more vulnerable to housing challenges than the overall veteran population. Nearly half of veterans who are single mothers spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing.

Our VetRepair program aims to provide stability for veteran homeowners.

The VetRepair program is designed to help veteran homeowners thrive by creating healthier, safer home environments through home repairs and improvements. The program assists with repairs focused on the following outcomes:

health + safety
energy efficiency + weatherization

To do this, we facilitate a variety of repairs, falling under two main categories:

Home Preservation

These mostly exterior repairs aim to preserve older homes so that they are safer and easier to maintain.

  • weather stripping

  • exterior paint

  • brush removal

  • sustainable landscaping

  • fence repair or replacement

Critical Home Repair

These exterior and interior repairs — offered in limited capacity — help homeowners maintain the integrity of their homes.

  • siding + trim repair/replacement

  • repair or replace walkways

  • address ventilation issues

  • window replacement

  • lead remediation

  • address electrical hazards

  • install smoke/CO2 detectors

  • roof repair or replacement

How do I get started?

Our VetRepair program is offered on a first-qualified, first-served basis and is dependent on financial qualification, need, willingness to partner with Habitat, and the availability of funding.

Please note: Due to overwhelming interest, we have temporarily paused the acceptance of applications for our Home Preservation and VetRepair programs. Thank you for your understanding — we hope to be able to serve you soon! Find other resources ➜

Here’s how the process works:

  • Submit an Interest Form
  • Apply

  • Home Assessment

  • Financial Review

Have more questions? VIEW FAQS ➜

How do I qualify?

Applicants must meet six points of criteria to qualify for our VetRepair program.

Honoring our veterans

Veterans understand the true meaning of service and play a key role in shaping our communities. Each year, we participate in a special Veterans Build event that provides an opportunity for veterans to help fellow veterans in need of improved housing.


With Habitat’s help, we now have a more accessible household as well as a beautifully painted house. It is nice to know that there are such generous opportunities for those who have served in our U.S. military.”

Terrill + Yong, VetRepair Homeowner | Chula Vista
“Thank you for the VetRepair program. Now we are so happy and love our home! We feel safe and secure. Many heartfelt thanks to all of you! Please continue in your wonderful program for veterans.”
James + Estephanie, VetRepair Homeowner | San Diego
“My life has improved so much! I can take a bath without fear of hurting myself. I don’t worry that my water heater or furnace will break. You’ve shown me what humanity truly looks like.”
Donna, VetRepair Homeowner | San Diego

San Diego Habitat’s VetRepair program has been helping veterans thrive since 2012.

homes repaired
people served

Here are answers to the questions we hear most.

Looking for other resources?

There are many local nonprofit organizations that we have the pleasure of partnering with who offer aid to veterans. If our program isn’t a fit for you, we encourage you to review these informational resources.


The homeowner or a qualifying family member must complete 15 hours of “sweat equity” and a one-time minimum $100 “pay-it-forward” donation toward the program.

This is a donation of your time. You or a qualifying family member must work alongside Habitat construction superintendents and Habitat volunteers, either on the work on your home, welcoming volunteers, or other volunteer work on Habitat job sites, in our offices, or in our ReStores. A total of 15 hours is required, and can be completed by you and/or a family member.

This is a one-time payment of a minimum of $100. The tax-deductible donation is an act of good faith that goes toward helping another family receive home repair. Payment plans can be arranged.

Home Preservation services are made possible thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and corporate sponsors under the supervision of experienced Habitat for Humanity construction superintendents.

Critical Home Repairs are conducted by licensed subcontractors and Habitat for Humanity construction superintendents.

While we only accept veterans for our VetRepair program, we do offer a general Home Preservation program as well. The VetRepair program operates countywide, and the Preservation Program is limited to communities in which we are building new Habitat homes — at this time, that is limited to a section of National City. Please visit the home preservation page for more information, to see if you qualify, and for more resources.

We are unable to conduct work on multifamily units, condos, or mobile homes, unless they are owned and occupied by a veteran qualifying for our VetRepair program.

Yes. The home must be owner-occupied.
We are unable to perform repairs on mobile homes at this time.

There are many wonderful organizations in San Diego County that offer home repair and other services. Please click here to visit our resources page.

Habitat asks for tax and other income verification documents to fulfill our grant obligations. We are only allowed to serve homeowners whose income does not exceed 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) for San Diego County. If we do not verify income, we could lose our funding, and the program would cease to exist.
Only the home where the homeowner resides can be qualified for repairs, and included on the application. The income received from the renter must be included in the application’s income verification.
As part of your partnership with Habitat, we ask that you serve as an ambassador for our organization and the repair programs we provide. You can tell your story better than anyone else, and you can help reach other homeowners who may need our services. You can also help us attract large donors to the program by showcasing your project.