David and Delia, their two sons, and David’s parents have lived in an extremely small two-bedroom unit for the past nine years. David and Delia share a bedroom and David’s parents and his youngest son share a bedroom. David’s older son sleeps on the couch or in the garage. The family is in need of a larger home and more space. The unit is poorly insulated and the family is often cold during the winter and extremely hot in the summer. Their landlord does not respond to maintenance requests and David has fear of pressing the issue because he does not want his landlord to increase the rent.

The family also has concerns about their neighborhood. Their neighbors are constantly changing and the police are often called out to address issues in the neighborhood. They long to live in a safer and quieter part of town.

Despite their challenges, the family is doing extremely well. Both of their sons run cross country and play musical instruments. Kevin recently got accepted into SDSU and started school in the fall.

The family is working to complete their sweat equity hours. Owning a Habitat home will dramatically improve the quality of life of each member of this family.