Abraham, his wife Kristina, and their children Elizabeth (9) and Mark (12) currently live in a small rented apartment in Imperial Beach. They constantly deal with ignored maintenance issues, including plumbing backups and mold. The children share a bedroom, and as they become teenagers, Abraham and Kristina desperately want to be able to provide them each a private space. A three-bedroom apartment is currently out of their financial reach.

Abraham works six to seven days a week for as much as 12 hours a day as a truck mechanic and Kristina has been a United Sates Navy Reservist for 13 years. She also has pursued her education and works as a substitute teacher. Both children love school, and Mark hopes ones day to study engineering. Though the parents work very hard to provide the best opportunities for their children, their combined salaries just aren’t enough to be able to purchase their own home in San Diego County.

Not only are Abraham and Kristina dedicated to hard work, they are financially responsible. They each have excellent credit, and have managed to save $20,000 in order to help them in their new journey of homeownership!

Congratulations on your new home, Abraham, Kristina, and family!