Zeynadu, a single mom from Ethiopia, and her sons Amir (7) and Aymaan (4) currently live in a small two-bedroom apartment.  The boys love action movies, superheroes, and magic tricks (which they are getting pretty good at!)

Safety is one of the biggest concerns for this family, as several of the units in the complex have been broken into. There isn’t anywhere safe for Amir and Aymann to play; thankfully, there is a nearby park where Zeynadu takes the boys when she can. Their landlord is unresponsive to maintenance requests, and as a single working mom, Zeynadu doesn’t always have the time or the skills to fix things around her home.  She is looking forward to learning some home maintenance while completing her sweat equity.

Zeyna has a good job as a cashier at Costco, where she has worked for the past 10 years.  She is very financially responsible, and even has a bit of savings.  However, without Habitat for Humanity’s affordable homeownership program, purchasing and maintaining her own home would be out of reach for this hardworking mom on her salary alone.   She longs to provide her sons with a bright and successful future, and owning a home in El Cajon will dramatically change this family. The boys will have their own rooms where they can study and grow, and will have a large backyard where they can safely play – and maybe even learn a few new magic tricks.