Winston and Adriana have been married for 15 years. They have three beautiful children — Jayana (17), Josiah (13), and Joshua (11). While excelling academically the children also enjoy extracurriculars such as swimming, cheerleading, reading, and playing basketball. The children have been recognized for their schoolwork, and Josiah even received an award from the mayor of Imperial Beach!

Winston has been a fire alarm technician for the past three years, and Adriana has worked as an in-home caregiver for for nine years. Winston enjoys learning new things and he plans to go back to school and finish his associate’s degree in addition to gaining more professional certifications to further his career. Adriana loves her job and takes care of her grandmother, who has been like a mother to her.

Family is important to Winston and Adriana. Adriana says, “our family is very tight knitted together. We love to joke around, we love God, and we love to give.” When Joshua was diagnosed with a life-threatening infection and was hospitalized for several weeks, the family stuck together through the terrifying time, and relied on their faith in God. Joshua has now recovered, and the family has grown even stronger.

Working alongside San Diego Habitat “has been a dream come true,” Winston says. He and Adriana applied for a Habitat home nearly ten years ago, but didn’t qualify at the time. They have worked very hard to improve their personal finances, and are ecstatic about what lies ahead. Winston will be the first out of his siblings to own a home and is excited to give his children a place to finally call home.