Raul and Alice currently live in a small studio apartment in San Marcos that they rented when they were first married. It has been the only affordable option for them, even though they now have two children — Sofia (1.5) and Xavier (3.5). They are bursting at the seams but have made it work as best they can — squeezing a crib and baby gear into the small but loving home.

Stability is not something Raul and Alice were provided when they were young. Raul lost his father right after high school, and Alice’s parents moved back to their home in Mexico when she was a child. Both had to figure out how to navigate the world and provide for themselves at a very young age, which makes them eager to give their family a safe, nurturing, and solid foundation. The couple works hard to make this happen. Raul is an electrician with Cal Solar, Inc. and Alice is currently home with the children. When they are school-aged, she plans to continue her education in pursuit of a career as a phlebotomy technician.

The family describes themselves as outgoing, open to new possibilities, and fun-loving. They have definitely had a few struggles in life, but always found a way through with a supportive extended family behind them.

The children are growing up fast, and Raul and Alice try to cherish every moment as a family. Xavier is a fast learner and, although shy at first, loves making new friends everywhere he goes and playing outside at the park with monster trucks and dinosaurs. Sofia is not afraid of anything — she follows her older brother around and tries everything he does.

With the rising housing costs in our region, Raul and Alice say owning a home they can afford will relieve such a worry and burden from their shoulders. They are looking forward to completing sweat equity and starting a new chapter in their lives!