Emma’s parents immigrated from Mexico to California with their eight children and nothing but the clothes on their backs. Her father worked hard to feed and clothe his children, keep them safe from harm, and to provide them with opportunities in life he never had. His loving dedication paid off, as his children were able to attend college while he saved enough money to purchase a family home in Spring Valley.

Nestor and Emma met as high school sophomores and have been married for 18 years. They want to provide their sons, Nathan (14) and David (17), every opportunity to show the world their true talents and live up to their full potential — exactly what Emma’s parents worked toward for their children.

Over the past seven years working at the San Diego Blood Bank, Emma has enjoyed making connections with people as they give of themselves to help strangers in need. Nestor works at the Cardinal Health nuclear pharmacy where he is grateful every day to produce medications that families need to be healthy. Young Nathan was in and out of hospitals with illness for much of his early life, so Nestor knows the importance of access critical medications.

The couple describes themselves as very different individuals who encourage each other to be their best selves. The boys are good students, both earning student of the month awards in school. Nathan enjoys automotive mechanics and computer science, while David embraces the arts — music and theater are his favorite subjects.

The family enjoys spending time together — one of their favorite activities is taking road trips. But they also spend individual time with the boys to foster their unique interests. Nathan and Nestor like mountain biking and camping, and David and Emma watch movies and talk about music.

Emma and Nestor know that their new home will provide a stable and safe foundation for the future. Instead of worrying about the rent being raised, running out of space because family members are living with them, or being worried about the boys walking home from school in a bad neighborhood, they can focus on education and a brighter future. A stable mortgage will allow Emma to continue her dream of becoming a registered nurse. She’s already completed her general education and pre-requisites for nursing school and has a goal to finish her education with a new career in three years.

The family can’t wait to meet their new neighbors and to work on their sweat equity, building their very own home.