Martin and Isabel have lived in their apartment complex for the past two years.  This couple keeps their apartment extremely clean, but the unit is old and maintenance issues go unaddressed by management.  There are termites in the walls, constant water clogs in the sinks, and a non-operating garbage disposal.  The water temperature in their shower changes every few seconds from freezing cold to boiling hot.  The apartment walls seem to be shifting and they are unable to close many of their windows.

Martin and Isabel long to live in a safer neighborhood.  Police often frequent the apartment complex and there are constant reports of robberies.  Many of their neighbors are extremely loud and hold parties late into the night.  They are also right next to a busy street.  Because they are unable to close their windows, they have a difficult time sleeping with the constant parties and loud traffic.

The couple is excited about using their new home to minister people and help others in their community.