Marianna is no stranger to a challenge. She is a single mom of four active boys and has worked her way up at her job with North County Transit District, completed difficult training to become a Dual Qualified Assistant Dispatcher, and is currently in the process of completing Federal Railroad Administration safety certifications. She works well under pressure and loves the challenge of her job — problem solving is key and she needs to make decisions safely and efficiently.

Since the end of her toxic marriage, Marianna has focused on the mental health of herself and her boys. She takes time for self-care, and the children are learning how to handle their big emotions in healthy ways through therapy. Exercise is also a big priority for everyone in the family — they believe that mental and physical health has the power to heal. The boys are all involved in sports, and the entire family even works out together at a local boxing gym!

Quintin (15) loves science, is an artist and plays football. Last season, he broke his clavicle but kept a great attitude and supported his team as much as he was able. Samuel (14) loves history, building and fixing things, plays soccer, and participates in the weightlifting club at school. Curtis, AKA “Goobs” (11) loves science and reading.He loves all sports but is currently excelling in baseball. Daniel (10) plays baseball with his brother Goobs and loves science, sports, and reading. Marianna is always proud when teachers and school staff compliment the boys’ character.

The family is always on the move, but they enjoy spending time together — at trampoline parks, swimming, boogie boarding at the beach, building robots and other characters out of cardboard boxes, and going to the movies on $6 Tuesdays.

Marianna never believed that as a single mother she would ever make the jump to homeownership. She has long dreamed of having more space for her family and not struggling financially. Getting the opportunity to work on building her home alongside volunteers has filed her with positivity and encouragement — she is grateful for the many people who care for the well-being of her family.