Vicky, Gary, and their granddaughter, Alex, have lived in their current apartment for the past six years. The apartment is infested with termites, but the landlord has not done anything to address this issue. In fact, Vicky and Gary do not call their landlord if they have any maintenance requests for fear of their rent being raised. They fix all maintenance issues themselves, at their own expense. The neighborhood they live in is not safe, and their car has been broken into.

Alex has lived with Vicky and Gary since she was two  years old. She is an extremely bright, accomplished young woman. She is 14th in her class of over 400 students, and she recently played the role of Lady Macbeth in her high school play. Vicky has a great job with a local school district and she and Gary have worked hard to pay off their debts – they are financially ready to buy their first home. Owning a home will truly change this family for the better, and will give them all a brighter future.