Abdi Farah and Amran Abdi have two boys, Masud (2) and Mohamed (7), and one girl, Mumtaaz (5).  Amran’s 23 year-old brother, Abdijabar, is also living with them and is a student in college.  Before moving into their Habitat home, Masud and Mumtaaz shared a room with their parents and Mohamed shared a room with Abdijabar.  Their apartment was very old and there were many leaks when it rained.  The property management never fully fixed this problem.  Their heater did not work and the family was extremely cold during the winter.  Their water was also yellow and they had to let the water run in the shower for a while before they could bathe.

Abdi and Amran did not feel very safe in their neighborhood.  The grocery store across the street had been robbed several times.  Cars were frequently stolen from the apartment complex.  Also, the children did not have a yard to play in and the family had to drive the children to a park for recreation and exercise.

Abdi and Amran are originally from Somalia and spent the early part of their lives in refugee camps.  They are now US citizens and have worked hard to build a life for their family.  Abdi has worked for Van Guard Car Rental for the past eight years and is currently a manager there.  Abdi has advanced in his career through the years.  Amran has worked as a medical receptionist for Digestive Disease Medical Center for the past seven years.

Both Abdi and Amran are so excited about the opportunity for homeownership through San Diego Habitat for Humanity.