Playhouse Program

Let Habitat bring the build to you!

The San Diego Habitat for Humanity Playhouse Program is designed to offer a dynamic, fun and meaningful construction/teambuilding experience for corporate partners who might not be able to commit their employees off-site for an entire traditional build day at a Habitat construction project. Habitat provides a half-day event—building and decorating usable and durable playhouses that are given to children through partnerships with several local charities serving families in need.

How Does It Work?

Each playhouse takes 3-4 hours to build and paint with the help of about 8-10 volunteers.  Each playhouse is pre-cut and brought to your parking lot or event site so that your employees can fabricate and decorate!  Volunteers will assemble the sides, door, windows, and trim, and will construct the roof and paint the completed structure.  Several playhouses can be built at once to engage more employees.  Sponsorship of playhouses start at $2,500; revenue which is used to fund the construction of real Habitat homes!

Playhouses for Local Children

Playhouses provide a secret world where kids can create make believe scenarios that foster their development, leadership, and creativity. Playhouses built by Habitat's corporate partners are offered to Habitat Partner Families, as well as to other children in need, and to the children of local veterans and active duty military personnel.Habitat partners with military and veteran support organizations such as the San Diego Military Family Collaborative. San Diego Habitat has also forged successful partnerships with organizations such as the Escondido Community Child Development Center, which provides quality, early childhood education and healthcare programs for low-income families in an effort to break the cycle of poverty. These are families who never dreamed they would be able to offer their children such a wondrous experience like the one that a playhouse provides.

Sponsoring organizations have the opportunity to choose the recipient organization or family, or to request that San Diego Habitat choose a deserving organization or family to partner with.

Please contact Bridget Strickland, Manager of Corporate Development, at 619-283-4663 x104 or via email at for more information or to start planning your event!