Homeowner Selection Process

If you feel that your family qualifies to apply to become a Habitat Partner Family, you can begin the application process today!  The following is what you can expect through the application process:

  1. RSVP for a homeownership orientation. 
  2. Attend a homeownership orientation. Applications can only be obtained at orientation meetings.
  3. The Family Selection Committee does an initial review of all applications based on income and credit requirements. Families who do not fall within income and/or credit guidelines are notified by mail. 
  4. Families that do fall within income and/or credit guidelines will have a home visit scheduled by members of the Family Selection Committee. The home visit is used as a time to meet the family and assess the current living conditions. 
  5. Based on selection criteria and information gained during the home visit, the Family Selection Committee decides which families should meet with the full committee at the San Diego Habitat office. After meetings between families and the committee occur, the committee scores each family on objective criteria and recommends families (based on score) to the San Diego Habitat Board of Directors for final approval. 
  6. The Board of Directors makes the final decision on the placement of families. 
  7. Families that are approved by the Board of Directors will sign a"Sweat Equity Agreement" and then can begin working on their "sweat equity" hours in order to meet the requirement by the time of the closing of escrow. 
  8. Thirty days before the closing of title and signing of escrow documents, San Diego Habitat shall review each family's status - documented "sweat equity hours" and current copies of credit and income documents to verify that the family still qualifies to purchase the home. 
  9. San Diego Habitat for Humanity staff will work with families to ensure they understand the legal documents they sign that describe San Diego Habitat for Humanity's "first right of refusal" to repurchase the home at an affordable sales price with an equity sharing formula which prohibits families from refinancing or selling the home on the open market.