2017 Housing Package

Together, our voices can effect major change, and we consistently use our voices to advocate for solutions to affordable housing challenges facing San Diegans.  In 2017, as part of a coalition of 42 Habitat California affiliates, we helped get a comprehensive housing package signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.  It includes 15 bills created to combat California's affordable housing crisis.  These bills provide more funding for affordable housing development, streamline local government approval of housing projects, restore local government authority to impose inclustionary housing requirements on private housing developers, and strengthen the state's anti-NIMBY laws.

Thank you to all of our elected leaders who introduced compelling legislation and fought to make a difference last year - especially the following:

Senator Toni Atkins (San Diego)

Senator Jim Beall (San Jose)

Assemblymember Brian Maienschein (San Diego)

Assemblymember David Chiu (San Francisco)


While we stayed informed and involved in the passing of the entire housing package, Habitat California was focused on those addressing homeownership, including:


SB 2 | Building Homes and Jobs Act

Creates a new $75 fee on real estate transaction documents - exclusing home sales - up to three ($225) per transaction, projected to raise $200-300 million per year.


SB 3 | Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018

Places a $4 billiion general obligation bond on the NOvember 2018 ballot, with $1 billion set aside for a veterans' home loan program.


SB 35 | Affordable Housing: Streamlined Approval Process

Forces cities and counties that fail to meet state-mandated housing production goals to approve multi-family, urban development projects that meet certain requirements, such as paying construction workers a prevailing wage.

Click here for more information and for a comprehensive list of the bills included in the housing package.

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