Thomas is a 31 year -old single who is extremely active in his community and is involved in a range of activities.

Thomas currently works at Wal-Mart and is well-known for his work ethic and desire to provide quality customer assistance.  In July of 2007, Thomas was awarded Employee of the Month.  Thomas walks several blocks to catch the bus.  As a Habitat homeowner, he will live much closer to the bus stop and also the train station.  For twelve years Thomas ran track and field with United Cerebral Palsy and won a total of 79 medals.  Currently he is involved in Special Olympics and is an avid golfer.  Once a week Thomas walks to his Bible study held near the beach and then goes to play golf.  Thomas hopes to one day have a record of 100 medals.

Thomas currently lives in an older apartment complex in downtown Carlsbad.  After a recent rain, a resident upstairs had his walls cave in.  Thomas lives on the bottom floor and when the patio of his upstairs neighbor accumulates rain, it seeps through and leaks into Thomas’ apartment.  The apartment complex never fixes the problem, but merely paints over the place of the leak.  Thomas’ home does not have very good ventilation and with the accumulated moisture and constant leaks, Thomas often has a problem with mold.  The continual presence of mold aggravates the sinus trouble that Thomas has had for many years.  Quickly addressing the needs of the residents does not seem to be a priority for Thomas’ apartment management.  His sliding glass door was inoperable for many months and instead of fixing the door, the repair man simply sprayed WD-40.

Thomas would like to continue working at Wal-Mart and continue to participate in his sporting events.  Thomas desires to own a home in Carlsbad as it would put him closer to the bus route for work and closer to his Bible study.  It would also give him the satisfaction of knowing that he lives in a home free of mold and unattended maintenance issues.