Roy, Yolanda, and their two children – Allyse (19) and Allexin (12) – have lived in an extremely small apartment in San Diego for the past three years. Roy has worked as an IT Analyst for the past 13 years.  Yolanda is a homemaker and home schools their son.

The children, share a small room, despite their gender and age differences. The siblings long for a room of their own where they might have space and privacy.  They have shared a bedroom for all of their lives due to the high cost of three-bedroom apartments in San Diego County.

The rental is old and there are many problems.  The apartment complex often turns off all of the tenants’ water for maintenance and this causes the process of getting ready in the morning to be difficult.  In addition, maintenance requests go unaddressed.  There are termites in the walls and leaking occurs in the children’s room when it rains.  The family longs to have more space and fewer maintenance issues.

The applicants are also concerned about safety.  Police sirens are often heard.  The family does not feel comfortable going outside.

The family is excited about completing their sweat equity. Owning a new home would completely change their lives.