Anna knows all too well what a safe, stable home can mean to a family. She has been a Case Manager and Housing Coordinator with the YWCA of San Diego County for over 15 years, helping homeless families find housing. Ralph works at an office moving company, and enjoys his job because he gets to stay active and occasionally travel. Anna loves that Ralph will do small, sweet things to show he cares, like picking up her favorite avocados at the grocery store, even though they aren’t on the shopping list. The couple has been together for nearly 20 years, and have three children — Ralph (17), Alana (13), and Joaquin (5).

Ralph, Jr. loves physics and history, and recently passed a Spanish class he was struggling with, making Mom and Dad very proud! Alana and Joaquin both love art, and each had their designs selected for school t-shirts! Alana has audio processing disorder, and is doing really well in school now that she has a diagnosis and in-class support. Joaquin is on the ADHD spectrum, and also has in-class support, where he is thriving. They know that the most important thing to do is to try their best, and they are all good students who love to read and play ball.

Anna and Ralph want their children to be happy in life and in work, and to be able to support their own families and not struggle financially. They enjoy spending time together — going to the beach or the San Diego Zoo, and playing games.

Habitat for Humanity has made a huge impact in the family’s life. They never thought they would have the opportunity to own a home, and will be the first in their families to do so. Anna and Ralph have struggled with heart wrenching personal loss and job loss in the past and have been working very hard to get their finances in order, living by their motto, “We’re in it to win it!” They are happy to be able to provide their children a future without having to worry where they will live. And that they will always have a forever home to return to, no matter where life takes them.