Pedro and Myrna have lived in their apartment complex for the past three years.  This couple keeps their apartment extremely clean, but the unit is old and maintenance issues go unaddressed by management.  The water temperature in their shower and sink changes every few seconds from freezing cold to boiling hot.  The electrical outlets are loose and present a danger to their young son.  They have a constant problem with bugs and spiders.  In addition, they share their bedroom with their young son.  They long for him to have his own room where he can play and flourish.

Pedro and Myrna yearn to live in a safer neighborhood.  There are reports of car robberies.  Many of their neighbors are extremely loud and hold parties late into the night.  They were recently informed that a sexual predator has moved into their apartment complex.

Myrna says, “My goal in life is to own my own home because I want to care for and provide for my family.”