Luis and Angelica are high school sweethearts and have been together for 30 years.  They have three fantastic daughters – Daniella (14), Victoria (16), and Isabella (27).  Luis helps maintain California’s freeway system at Caltrans and also provides repair services at his second job at MedSupply.  Angelica stays home to raise their daughters, a job she finds very fulfilling. The parents say that their children are their greatest accomplishment.

The girls are good students and have all been on the honor roll since they were in elementary school. Victoria is an artist and enjoys drawing and creating stories. Her favorite subjects in school are psychology and math. She’s great at helping others in dealing with their emotions and gives sage advice.  Daniella is a musician who enjoys singing, playing the ukulele, and violin. She has a knack for picking up instruments and teaching herself how to play.  She enjoys English and Business Studies, and public speaking.  Both girls enjoy gardening in their free time.

The family is very caring and look out for each other – Luis describes them as “the perfect bunch”. After a scary experience earlier this year when Angelica suffered heart failure, they are closer than ever.  She is doing much better now, and the family enjoys driving around town in Luis’ 1965 Volkswagen Beetle, walking their dog, Max, or on their annual family camping trip.

Angelica is a third-generation resident of Logan Heights. She grew up a stone’s throw away from the new Comm22 community, and her parents remain in her childhood home. Luis and Angelica are looking forward to having space for the girls to have their own rooms to study, and to grow up in their own stable home.