Leticia and her son, Julian (2) currently live in Oceanside. Leticia commutes to her job in Encinitas where she has worked at the Community Resource Center as the Domestic Violence Program Manager and Legal Advocate for the past nine years. Part of her job is helping other families secure safe and stable housing, and now it is her turn to find that for her family by partnering with San Diego Habitat for Humanity. She is looking forward to putting down roots in Encinitas.

Family is everything to Leticia. She has a large, loving, supportive family who help her care for Julian while she works. Becoming a mother has been the most beautiful journey she has ever experienced. She never expected to be a single mother, but she knows it is making her and Julian stronger than ever.

Leticia longs to provide her son a loving and stable place to grow up. And she wants to teach him that he can attain anything he wants in life by working hard, and doing everything with love. She is planning to continue her education in the legal field, and hopes to attend law school one day so that she can help even more people who need legal representation.

Julian loves playing outdoors, digging in the dirt, cars, dinosaurs, and trains. He also enjoys quiet time and cuddles when mom reads to him. Leticia loves the outdoors and spends every free moment she has with Julian riding bikes, playing ball, making pancakes or spaghetti, or at the park feeding the ducks. They are both looking forward to getting involved in the community — joining the YMCA, going to the library, and taking advantage of the bike-friendliness of Encinitas.

Leticia feels very fortunate to have this opportunity, and can’t wait to make great fun and memories with Julian in their new home.