Mauricio and Alejandra have been married for 18 years and have two sons — Mateo (17) and Moisses (13).

Mauricio has worked as a groundskeeper at La Costa Resort in Carlsbad for the past 28 years. He loves his work and his contact with nature, beautifying the gardens with plants and flowers. He is proud to work hard to provide for his family, and he does it with optimism and a big heart — always ready to help those who need him. Their new home in Encinitas will bring them closer to La Costa so that Mauricio can spend more time with the family.

The boys are exceptionally good students and have received accolades for their grades — Mateo enjoys math and physics, and Moisses likes studying science and history. Moisses has learned to live with a diagnosis of attention deficit disorder and is now working hard in a mainstream class. The brothers are also very physically active and play soccer, although Moisses loves playing all sports.

Mauricio and Alejandra say that their most important goal is that the children receive an excellent education. They work to instill in them the values of respect, responsibility, trust, and perseverance. The family is very close and enjoys spending time together and like to visit amusement parks, attend soccer games, go to the beach, and play board games.

The family’s philosophy of life is that if they really want something they can achieve it with hard work, effort, and time. They now feel the freedom to make plans for their future. Alejandra is considering going to school to hone her English skills, and the couple is looking forward to someday owing their own business. Having the opportunity to purchase their own home is going to bring a sense of peace, security, and stability that they have never known. They will be the first in either of their families to own a home, and their families in El Salvador and Mexico City are so happy for them.