Khalid, Lena and their two children – Zakaria (2) and Shadia (1) – have lived in a small two-bedroom apartment for the past five years. Khalid has worked as a computer technician for Fry’s Electronics for the past eleven years, and Lena is raising the children.

Their current apartment is part of an affordable apartment complex and the family could be forced to move out if their income exceeds the maximum.  Their apartment is located in a dangerous part of City Heights.  They constantly hear police sirens and they do not allow their son and daughter to play outside.  Gang members roam the streets and get into fights in front of their apartment.  The applicants long for their children to grow up in a safe community where the surrounding area is full of good role models.  In addition, their son and daughter currently share a bedroom.  Moving into the three-bedroom condominium in National City will allow their son and daughter to have their own rooms.

The family is excited about owning their own home.