Ketema, Yordanos, and their three children – Sarah, Ksanet, and Aaron – have lived in their current apartment for the past two months. They moved into this apartment because their previous apartment was a two-bedroom and the family of five needed more room. While the current apartment can meet their needs, it is not a long-term option.  The family longs for a stable family home they can call their own. The family would not be able to purchase a home if Habitat did not exist.

At their current apartment complex, there is not a place for the children to play. Ketema and Yordanos wish for their children to play and run outside. For now, they take their children to the park, but it would mean so much to have a back yard where they can gather.

The family has overcome many challenges. They left their home country, Eritrea, due to civil strife and to provide a better life for their children. While living in the US, Ketema was diagnosed with brain cancer and had brain surgery in 2007. Yordanos cared for him at home for many years, but he is now doing much better and she has returned to work. Despite their challenges, the family remains positive and was happy to find out about San Diego Habitat and the possibility of homeownership.

The family is anxious to begin their sweat equity hours, and they have family members who are going to help them.