Juan, his wife Maria, and their two children Juliana (8) and Edgar (4) currently rent a room in a mobile home.  The mobile home has 3 bedrooms, but houses 8 family members.  Juan, Maria, and their children share one bedroom. The children can’t even go outside for personal time, because there is a registered sex offender living in the neighborhood, and Juan and Maria fear for their safety unless supervised by a parent. They are in desperate need of private space in order for their family to function more successfully.

Juan and Maria work hard every day and manage their incomes wisely. Juan has worked at Zuniga Tree Service for the past four years. Maria has worked at Graybill Medical Group for the past eleven years, and is a trained medical assistant.  They have paid off nearly all of their debt, and have managed to save $7,000 to help get them started in their new and successful life as homeowners.