Jose and Patricia and their children – Carolina and Josecarlo –  have been living in their extremely small and cramped mobile home for the past 16 years. The mobile home was built in 1970 and has many problems. It is poorly insulated and the family is extremely cold in the winter. The heater does not work efficiently and the family deals with constant plumbing issues. The family is also battling termites and mold. Despite this, the family takes pride in their space and keeps their mobile home in excellent condition.

Jose and Patricia are also concerned about safety in their neighborhood. Drug dealing and car thefts have become much more prevalent in the past few years. The family longs to live in a safe neighborhood where their children can freely go outside without fear of harm.

Jose and Patricia and their oldest daughter, Carolina, are looking forward to beginning their 500 hours of sweat equity. Owning a Habitat home will mean so much to this family as it will provide them with the space and security to truly thrive.