Jose, his wife Mirna, and their son Baltazar (18) currently live in a small two-bedroom apartment. Jose and Mirna left war-torn El Salvador to provide a better and safer life for their son.  Jose has a great job as an installer at A-1 Raingutters, where he has worked for the past 12 years.  (He even had the opportunity, during his sweat equity, to install the rain gutters on his own home and those of his Elm Street neighbors!)  Mirna has worked at Target for the past 14 years.  In 2015, Baltazar graduated from high school and has begun training as an auto mechanic at a trade school in Ontario, CA.

Many of the electrical outlets in their current home do not work. Repairs are not taken care of by the management. The other residents do not pick up after themselves and there is always trash in the parking lot. Children play unsupervised in the street. Many of the residents smoke even though there is a no-smoking rule in the common areas. The family longs to live in a quiet place where they can be in peace. Baltazar was an excellent student in high school and is looking forward to learning his new trade.  He needs a place to study without interruptions. A home of their own will provide the family with the peace and tranquility that they are yearning for.

They are beyond excited about owning their own home!