Jeanie is a single mother with a three year old daughter. They have lived in their current apartment in Carlsbad for the past year.  For many years, Jeanie has  worked for Sterling Jewelers, but recently went back to school and is now an LVN.  She started her new job early this year and is working full time as an LVN.  She is also going to school part time to become an RN.  She hopes to have her program completed in the next three years. She hopes that this new profession will allow her to save for her daughter’s future education and for her future retirement.

Jeanie currently lives in an affordable apartment community and lives in constant fear that her rent will be increased or will eventually be forced to move out.  The unit is extremely small with limited sunlight. Jeanie longs to provide her daughter with a safe, stable place to live.  She has a great support network of people who live close to the Roosevelt Garden community.