Beginning Tuesday, October 4, you’ll have two ways to donate your pre-loved items to the ReStore without leaving the comfort of your home! We’ve partnered with ReSupply, a veteran-owned and operated service, to offer quicker pickups for a nominal fee. Unlike our standard pickup service, ReSupply retrieves items from anywhere in your home, including up or down stairs, and picks up items in any condition — all eligible items are donated to the San Diego Habitat ReStore and remaining items are donated to secondary charities or ethically disposed of, so you can feel confident that your excess household goods are reused and diverted from local landfills.

standard pickup with the ReStore priority pickup with ReSupply
2-3 week wait period as soon as 2 business days
free pickup nominal pickup fee
retrieves items from curb or ground floor garage only retrieves items from anywhere in your home
accepts items that meet our donation guidelines accepts items in any condition
does not disassemble items can disassemble items for ease of transport