Ibrahim and Halimo have been together for 23 years, and have six beautiful children — Yonis (22), Yahya (20), Huda (18), Harun (17), Habon (15), and Maryama (10). Ibrahim has been a respiratory therapist at Sharp Hospital for over 10 years, and Halimo is a classroom aide at a local charter school. As refugees from Somalia, they are all too familiar with what a helping hand can provide, and they both enjoy helping others through their work.

Education is of the utmost importance to the family. The three eldest children attend college, and all enjoy the sciences and hope to enter the healthcare field. The younger children have all been recognized for their hard work in academics, making Ibrahim and Halimo very proud. In their free time, Yonis enjoys football, Yahya plays and watches basketball, Huda likes public speaking and spending time with friends, Harun plays video games, and Habon and Maryama enjoy card games.

Ibrahim recently completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health at SDSU. He would like to earn his Master’s in Public Health and eventually build a hospital in Somalia, where there is much need for medical supplies and services.

Ibrahim’s motto is “never give up”, and his family is so excited to be finally accomplishing the American Dream of owning a home. It will provide peace of mind that they will never be displaced from their home ever again. He says, “No matter where the future leads us, I’m happy to know that we will always have a home waiting for us in the best city in America.”

The family has enjoyed the process of completing their sweat equity, and the sense of community and commitment to helping each other of the people they have met along their Habitat journey.