Fernando and Marlene currently live in a rented apartment in San Ysidro. Fernando works as a Site Manager at a janitorial services company, and Marlene is a stay-at-home mom to Edgar, age 3.

The landlord does not respond to maintenance requests, leaving Fernando and Marlene to address – and pay for – all repairs in the home. There is no green space in the complex where Edgar can play, and heavy traffic makes it unsafe for him to be outside – not to mention generating a lot of noise.

Fernando, Marlene, and Edgar long for a peaceful and quiet community where they can establish permanent roots. Edgar is especially looking forward to living in his new home and having a place to play outside. He loves building, and makes pretend worlds out of cardboard boxes. His favorite creations are his robot and his gas station.

Fernando and Marlene have worked hard to become financially healthy. They have paid down debt, and have also managed to save $22,000 that will help give them a great start in this new chapter of their lives. Because they are responsible for fixing everything in their current home, Fernando and Marlene have
become handy with tools and are looking forward to completing their sweat equity hours.