Michelle and Cesar both work at nonprofit organizations and are active members of the community. They first learned about Comm22 when a friend posted about it on Facebook. After attending a first time homebuyer class and realizing it would be mathematically impossible to purchase a home in San Diego with two nonprofit salaries and Michelle studying for her masters, they decided to apply for a Habitat home. They previously discussed moving out of state, but becoming homeowners will allow them to stay in San Diego indefinitely.

Michelle and Cesar met in Tijuana and have been together for eleven years. The two most impactful experiences in their lives were overcoming an arduous paperwork process for Cesar to come to the United States so they could get married, and having their son Cyrus. Cyrus (6) is in first grade and loves science, reading, recess, and learning new things. Michelle and Cesar want to give him the freedom to make his own decisions and live the life that makes him happy.

Michelle, Cesar, and Cyrus are all very active. They love arts and crafts, being outdoors, playing music, and spending time with relatives, friends, and neighbors. As a family, they emphasize the importance of giving back and supporting those in need. Their philosophy in life is to “leave the world better than it was when you got here.” Owning a home will give them the stability to set down roots and connect with the community to affect positive change.