Cesar and Heather have been together since 2010 and have two sons, Nathan (9) and Nikolas (4). The boys love riding their scooters, going to the park, and fishing with Dad. Nathan also plays baseball in the summer. Both of the boys have the “gift of gab” – they love to share and talk with anyone and have no reservations about voicing their opinions.

Cesar is a first generation Mexican-American and employee of the United States Postal Service. It gives him great pride to serve the public and raise the flag at his North County postal branch every morning. Heather cares for the family and makes sure everything happens when and where it needs to. With two active boys, they are very busy!

The family currently lives in a 700 square-foot apartment. They have had two vehicles stolen and are dealing with mold issues, which is very scary because Nathan suffers from asthma. They are all looking forward to a feeling of safety, security, and good health in their new Habitat home. Cesar says, “A home is the foundation to a healthy future and the bedrock to success. Not having to worry about our home will allow us to focus on other endeavors.”

He wants to change crafts at the USPS and become a maintenance technician, as he loves working with his hands. He even says he’s hoping to go to vocational school to learn carpentry. Cesar is definitely enjoying getting his hands dirty as he and Heather perform their sweat equity in preparation to be the first of his four siblings to purchase their own home.