Bryan and Daniela have been married for four years and have two amazing children – Daniel (3) and Lia (1). Both parents work very hard to support the dreams they have for their family. Daniela works at a college prep program that helps high school students from low-income families who are the first in their families to pursue higher education. Bryan holds two jobs – at a travel agency working on online systems that manage flight reservations, and managing inventory and product orders for Chik-fil-A. The couple appreciates each other’s work ethic and the ability to balance work and making sure the children are healthy and happy.

Daniel struggles with a speech delay and is currently receiving speech therapy. He is making incredible strides and it makes mom and dad very proud when they see him learn new words and how to pronounce them. Daniel and Lia love being outside and exploring their grandparents’ home and backyard. Daniel loves trains, and Lia plays with her baby doll while listening to Cocomelon songs. The family is very active, and enjoy the beach, park, or zoo. Every evening, after a busy day, the children look forward to family dinner and story time before bed.

Becoming homeowners will allow Daniela – a second-generation San Diegan – and Bryan to feel more stability for their family and more control over their lives, safety, and future. Daniela plans to go back to school to finish her Master’s Degree to become a School Psychologist. Bryan is also interested in pursuing a Master’s Degree, after already earning a Bachelor’s in the Dominican Republic, where he was born and raised.

After hearing about Habitat for many years and supporting the National City Habitat ReStore, Daniela and Bryan drove by the construction site in National City, which prompted them to discover more about the homeownership program and how to apply to purchase their new home. Their hopes for their new journey are that their children continue to grow, learn, and become compassionate, hardworking, respectful people who follow their own dreams.