Beverly has worked as a waitress at the El Camino Country Club for the past 16 years.  She loves her job and recently received the country club’s first employee award for excellence.  She is known throughout North County and is a customer favorite.

Before moving into her Habitat home, Beverly lived alone in an older apartment complex in Vista.  The rent increased with each passing year and Beverly was extremely nervous that she would not be able to afford living there anymore.  Additionally, Beverly did not feel safe living in the complex.  A serial rapist had moved into the apartment next to her.  Most recently the leasing office notified all of the residents that a sexual assault had occurred in the complex. As a single woman, Beverly felt afraid, but also limited as to where she could move to.

At her previous apartment complex, many people broke into the laundry rooms and storage units.  People also broke into Beverly’s car.  Also, there was an incident involving water from the upstairs apartment leaking through the fan above Beverly’s bed.  The apartment complex required Beverly to buy a new fan and did not patch anything up but simply painted over the area.

Beverly was so excited to hear about San Diego Habitat for Humanity and the possibility of owning her own home.  Since moving in, Beverly has found great peace and a strong sense of stability.  She is seen as the “neighborhood grandma” and even pays one of her neighbor’s children $5/week to water her plants, teaching him responsibility at a young age.  Beverly is grateful that she finally has a safe place to live that is more than a home.  It is truly a community.