Baltazar and Ann and their sons Gustavo (14) and Cesar (20), and daughter Diana (16), are currently renting a home in National City. The owner of the home rents the house to the family for a low price because they agreed not to make any maintenance requests. As a result, the family does not have a working heater. The San Diego summers are stifling, as many of the windows are inoperable. They live on an extremely busy street that is not safe for the children. There are sexual predators living nearby, and SWAT teams are frequently called to address criminal activities, alarming the children very much.

Baltazar and Ann work hard to provide for their family – Baltazar has been an electrician for 15 years, and Ann has worked as a janitor at a local private school for 11 years. Baltazar and Ann are helping to pay Cesar’s tuition at La Sierra University and Diana and Gustavo are students at the school where Ann works.

The family has always dreamed of owning a home where their family can thrive. They are so excited and grateful for the opportunity to help build their own home. The family has a wonderful support system that includes a strong church community and many family members who are looking forward to seeing their dreams become reality.