Armando, Maria, and their three children – Armando Jr. (17), Ariadna (15),and Isaac (11) –  have lived in a small three-bedroom apartment for the past 3 ½ years. Their apartment is in a dangerous part of National City. Recently someone was murdered in their apartment complex. Police cars are often patrolling the area. The family does not allow their children to play outside. The neighbors constantly gather on the stairwell and smoke, so the family is forced to keep their windows closed the majority of the time. Despite this, Armando and Maria keep their children busy by involving them in sports and encouraging them to get good grades.

Their apartment has many issues and maintenance requests go unaddressed. Fortunately, Armando is an electrician and has been able to repair problems that arise. Many of the doors and windows do not shut properly. Their heater emits a strange fume when used, so they are unable to use it during the winter. Despite all of this, their home is extremely clean and orderly.

The family is so excited that they have been selected and will soon own their own home.