Aquilino, Adelfa, Alejandra (14), Vivian (11) and Camila (3) have lived in an extremely small two-bedroom structure for the past four years.  It is essentially a wooden shack with a septic tank, and exposed electrical wires hanging throughout. Aquilino cordoned off the second bedroom for his two daughters and installed a window in one part of the structure, which provides the only source of natural light in the entire home. The family had to purchase everything for the unit, including the refrigerator, stove, and carpet and is responsible for all repairs.

Despite the horrible living conditions, Alejandra and Vivian are excellent students.  Alejandra was accepted into a prestigious private school, based on her academic merit, and recently had the opportunity to travel to China.  Vivian loves to learn, and yearns for a comfortable, well-lit place to study.

Aquilino and Adelfa work very hard to support their family, and are financially responsible. Aquilino works days at a restaurant as well as at a local agricultural nursery, and Adelfa works a retail night shift; the parents split child care duties, rarely seeing each other.

It will mean so much to this family to have a three-bedroom home in Escondido, which will allow each member of the family the healthy space to thrive. Aquilino and Adelfa, along with their friends and family, are committed to their partnership with Habitat to earn their new home!