Antonia is a single mom raising two sons – Esteban (12) and Luke (4). They love spending time together whether it’s going to the movies, camping or watching the sunset. After the passing of her husband four years ago, Antonia has had to take full responsibility for her family’s well-being. It hasn’t been easy, and she and the boys shared a small one-bedroom apartment before purchasing their Habitat home.

Esteban is extremely good at math, is bilingual, and enjoys taking piano lessons. Luke also likes the piano in addition to animals, nature, and art projects. The family’s favorite hobbies include cooking, going to the beach, riding bikes in the park, and walking their dog around the neighborhood.

Antonia believes that her husband would be proud to see where she and her sons are today, working with Habitat to purchase a home, as it was always his dream to be a homeowner. She hopes the stability her new home provides will allow her to pursue her dream of opening her very own flower shop. Antonia’s family is extremely grateful for their friends and the opportunities they have been given her.