Angelina and her son have lived in a small apartment in Carlsbad for the past five years.  Though she is grateful to be able to provide a safe place for her son to live, she longs for her own home.

There are various challenges within the apartment complex.  A couple of years ago someone broke into her home and stole all of her valuables, including the computer that her son used for school.  Additionally, her license plates have been stolen. Angelina and her son long to live in a safe community.

Maintenance concerns, though reported, go unaddressed. Angelina’s sink leaks, her kitchen vent doesn’t work, and she has to constantly rid the apartment of mold due to poor air circulation.  Kids living within the community are encouraged to stay inside and Angelina and her son do not feel as though the apartment community is a welcoming place to live.

Despite their challenges, Angelina Vasquez and her son are very close.  Angelina’s son is an excellent student and has hopes to study forensic science in college.

“My Habitat home will bring my family so much peace and tranquility”, says Angelina.