Alfredo, Virginia, their three children Natalie (17), Brian (14), Jonathan (13) and their niece, Jacqueline (17) currently live in a three-bedroom apartment in North County.  In order to make ends meet, the family sublets one of the bedrooms to another couple; so, the parents sleep in one room, the two girls sleep in one room, and the boys sleep together on a sofa in the living room.  There is not a lot of room or privacy for the family with 4 teenagers.

The home is in disrepair and maintenance requests go ignored by the manager. Alfredo does his best to fix maintenance issues and they keep their apartment in excellent condition. The family apartment unit is directly next to a community park where gang members congregate. The girls do not feel safe going outside, and dream of living in a safe neighborhood.

The girls are on the dance team at school, and the boys love skateboarding.  Alfredo has worked in Animal Resources at Scripps Research Institute for the past 23 years, and Virginia has worked at French Pastry Café as a baker for the past 9 years.  They have managed to save $6,000 to give them a great start in their new journey as homeowners!

Owning a home through Habitat for Humanity is this family’s only opportunity for homeownership, and we are pleased to offer this hand up to this well-deserving family.