Jessica was born and raised in National City. Her husband, Alfred, is a native Californian, and they think it is so special that they get to raise their children Jiselle Avilyn (3) and Anabelle Joy (8 months), in the neighborhood where Jessica grew up. Purchasing their Habitat home will allow them to stay in the place that makes them incredibly happy. Habitat for Humanity was their last hope to stay near their families — the only remaining option was to move out of state to seek affordable living.

Alfred is a store manager for New Balance Athletics. He enjoys managing a team and loves what he does. He was recently promoted and aspires to become an area manager. Jessica currently stays home with the children and relishes getting to experience all of their “firsts” and watching them grow. She plans on going back to school to revive her career in Health and Nutrition – she especially enjoyed working in nursing homes, creating therapeutic meal plans for patients, and would love to be back in her element when the time is right for her family.

The family enjoys days off going to the zoo, SeaWorld, and museums. Alfred, Jessica, and their children love playing tourist in their own city and taking plenty of photos along the way. Jiselle loves to sing and dance, ride her bike, color, and she expresses her creativity through arts and crafts. Anabelle adores her big sister and loves watching everything she does. They are a silly bunch who like to have fun and love each other. They even have their own made-up language that only they understand!

Alfred and Jessica are excited to be in their forever home, creating endless memories. They are enjoying the process of building their homes and getting to know their future neighbors!