Alexis is a single mother of two beautiful children, Avery (6) and Aviana (4). She filed for bankruptcy with her ex-husband, and since then has gotten back on track to financial stability. Alexis has worked for the County of San Diego as an administrative assistant for the past 6 years. She is up for a promotion and plans to continue her career path within the organization.

Alexis and her kids have annual zoo passes and frequently visit on the weekends. The family loves playing in parks and exploring new places together. Outside of being a mom, Alexis has had the opportunity to travel and work as a Marine Civilian in Iraq. Her philosophy is to always follow through with goals, even if it takes longer than expected. She went back to school to earn her B.A. when Avery started kindergarten. Unfortunately, Avery began having some challenges at school and Alexis had to withdraw in order to focus on him. She plans on re-enrolling once Aviana starts school and both kids are settled in.

The family is looking forward to moving in and meeting the other Habitat homeowners and their children. Alexis says that in her current neighborhood, everyone keeps to themselves and there are no other children on her block for Avery and Aviana to bond with. They are all excited to make new friends and connect with the community.

Alexis’ highest priorities will always be her kids and their well-being. This new home will mean the kids won’t always have to ask “When are we moving?” or “When are we going to get a better house?” Having their own rooms is a highlight for Avery and Aviana, and the new space will help foster their growth and development. According to Alexis, “It’s the small things that have added up that will make a big difference on the kids’ home life.”