Both Sylvester and DeBorah proudly served in the United States Navy — he from November 1983 to January 2004, and she from January 1973 to January 1993. After 20 years, they each retired as Operations Specialist Chief Petty Officers. They met each other while serving and were married before they both retired.

DeBorah and Sylvester have lived in their home in Valencia Park for over 30 years. DeBorah says the neighborhood’s best quality is its diversity, both culturally and geographically. She is an avid collector — of stamps, sports cards, and different types of currencies, many of which she is able to obtain while being stationed in Europe during the 1970s and 1980s.

The couple does what they can to maintain and refurbish their home, and enjoy working in the garden together, but their home is in dire need of repair — including a new roof, window replacements, exterior painting, shed repairs, and installation of manageable landscaping. The cost of these projects is beyond what they can afford.

To help Sylvester and DeBorah remain safe and healthy, San Diego Habitat’s VetRepair Program is lending a hand. Volunteers at Habitat’s 2021 Veterans Build event are looking forward to serving this family by making repairs that will allow them to enjoy their home for years to come.