Paul and Carol Yong recently decided to make a planned gift to San Diego Habitat, creating generational change for many families to come. Read on to learn more about their inspiration and impact:

What inspired you to make this donation?

P+C: Seven years ago, my (Paul’s) company encouraged its executive officers to be more engaged in the community in which we serve. While I have worked in finance for over 3 decades, I started my career as a structural engineer and wanted to use my finance expertise in a way that would bring me back to my first love — engineering.

More importantly, I wanted it to be with an organization with a mission that I believe in. As our son and daughter became more independent — leaving for college, getting their first jobs, and maybe one day starting their own families, we wondered what their world would be like in 10 years, 20 years, or even 40 years. We wanted to do what we can so they and the next generation inherit a better world.

I served two terms on the San Diego Habitat Board of Directors, including a year as the Chair, and participated in many of the standing committees. I am grateful to have shared ideas, worries and yes, laughter with the many outstanding people that I’ve met at Habitat over the years.

What draws you to Habitat’s mission?

P+C: What we believe in aligns perfectly with the Habitat mission. Like most people, we’ve known about Habitat but also like most people, what we knew was overly simplified. The more we learned about Habitat’s mission, which to us is a circle of life philosophy, was very appealing. People help others and those who are helped pay it forward.

Was the decision to make a planned gift (bequest) different than the annual gifts you make to Habitat?

P+C: Habitat is a deserving recipient of our donations, from monetary gifts to rooms full of furniture. About three years ago, we wanted to make more impactful gifts. We made an investment in Habitat’s Homebuilding Investment Fund and included Habitat in our will. Both have one thing in common — they can move the needle. Our bequest is to ensure Habitat’s future when we have both moved on from this life. It will enable Habitat to build that better world we want the next generation to inherit.

Learn more about how planned giving provides enduring support to Habitat’s work here.