The Quality of Life Framework is a tool developed by Habitat for Humanity to provide direction for the often-complex work of Neighborhood Revitalization, the ultimate outcome of which is improved quality of life. At the center of the Quality of Life Framework are the “gifts, dreams, and concerns” of residents. This work requires the sustained, intentional efforts of many different stakeholders, and is the foundation of Neighborhood Revitalization.

The Quality of Life Framework recognizes seven different community sectors — amenities, economic opportunities, education, health, transportation, safety, and housing. Through Neighborhood Revitalization we recognize the interconnectedness of housing with all other areas of life in a community. By following the direction of the Quality of Life Framework and taking the time to listen to and understand the aspirations of residents, Habitat has the opportunity to become an effective partner in revitalization.

Through this approach, we can:

  1. increase our ability to serve more families and make greater impact through collaboration with partners.
  2. better understand how and why change happens in a neighborhood, including the role and impact of housing.
  3. achieve more sustainable results of our work.

As we identify communities that we will focus our Neighborhood Revitalization efforts in, we spend a lot of time getting to know the community leaders, associations, houses of faith, schools, nonprofits, and residents. We offer our revitalization services in support of community aspirations, including revitalization of public spaces, home repair centered around health and safety, and preservation of existing homes.

To learn more about Habitat’s Quality of Life Framework, please click here.