Eby served four years in the United States Air Force — from 1967 to 1971. He and his wife, Carleen, purchased their home in 1969, while he was still serving. It was in this home that they raised two children, and eventually had three grandchildren. Two of their grandchildren currently live in the home with them.

After his time in the Air Force, Eby worked in building management while Carleen worked as a nurse for the VA. Now that they are both retired, they enjoy how peaceful their Southeast San Diego neighborhood is. They like that it’s easily accessible to the freeway, is close to schools, and is family oriented.

Eby enjoys his time around the house and sometimes working in his yard. Carleen is very active at her church and likes to help her friends get to and from doctor appointments when they aren’t able to drive themselves.

Though Eby says he would be more than happy to repair the items on his home in need of replacing, he does have some difficulty moving around the way he used to. Repairing the dilapidated roof and replacing some of the windows will help ease the worries that Eby and Carleen have about the longevity of their house. They have made this their home for 50+ years they and hope to be able to keep it in their family for generations.

In addition to installing an improved roof and energy-efficient windows, the volunteers of Habitat’s Veterans Build will work on protecting the exterior of the home with a fresh coat of paint, replacement of old woodwork and decking, and installation of fencing.